Monday, December 9, 2013

DAX gallery opening

November brought the birth of a long needed urban contemporary art gallery to the modern uplscale city of Costa Mesa, California, DAX GALLERY. To bring this gallery to life... a very sick line up of artists stapled the walls. I had the honor to be a part of this opening along side with artists that have been in the game for awhile and that I have been looking up to for some time.  It was incredible to see so much talent in one room.  Live music filled the space, free drinks by beautiful bartenders, and they even gave out free Zippo lighters as gifts. A few of my pieces still remain in their vault for later consumption. >)
pardon me while i stand in front of my pieces
i wasnt really quite finished with this one so i inked some lines in... but not before I get caught on camera
Emil Olsson - these pieces were large and incredible

Greg Auerbach had this piece with bullet shells enclosed in the casing. Brilliant!

Big Big fan of Richard J Oliver. I enjoy his balance between soft lighting tones and childlike figures placed against a more rigid and sometimes grim background and theme. He plays on the dance between dualistic nature. He is an artist to be truly admired.

Above: Nick Flatt. One would assume these were huge photos from a far... As you get a bit closer you realize that they're paintings.  You get a few inches away and your jaw drops to see how he actually painted this. The stippling technique where one uses small dots to define shades and tones. Remarkable. And very energetic fun person to be around as well. 

Peter Gronquist's sculptures had to humbly be placed in the middle of the scene. There was no way you couldn't look at these terrific modified treats of taxidermy.

Haydee Reveles posts up by her exquisite piece. I remember the first exchange of emails when she was just starting. Incredible where positive feedback, support and dedication can get you to.

Risk - can't believe his awesome sculpture right before my eyes. I touched it.

Huge in the scene artist, David Flores finished this insane mural on the side of the gallery building before the grand opening. Caught an off picture of him being interviewed.

Please visit the DAX GALLERY WEBSITE to see more amazing artists that showed.