Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This new age of urban contemporary art is merging with the street art scene where collectors scramble to get a piece of this movement.  Traditional canvas artists have been taking their reputable style to the streets with huge wall murals that decorate city buildings, businesses and even homes.  It has been sometime that I have been wanting to see my style fabricate with a huge chunk of drywall.
Questions I had to ask myself, can these hands that traditionally work with a pencil and brush, really be able to handle and control a spray can? How big can I actually go without my subjects looking distorted? Am I tall enough for this sh$t? I will let you be the judge.
 linq mural project 2014
 Summerlin Downtown grand opening mural project
 ABDC's Supercrew dancer DoKnock (jon cruz) backyard wall 
 Tru Vape shop mural
 title "DeVine Record"
 Live Performance mural at The Linq
 Linq Mural project curated by the ISI group
 Downtown LV street mural on Colorado and Commerce st
 collaboration with Seth Mcmahon
 Downtown LV street mural on Colorado and Commerce 
title "Call to the sea"
 Vinyl wrap decorative mural for a night show
 Downtown Los Angeles mural curated by The Gabba Gallery

 The guys at CLOUD CITI vape shop needed something about clouds and Vegas. Giving me creative freedom was a very good choice. So I gave them a greyscale piece with fluffy soft clouds and girl figure contrasted with a textured curvy road that leads to a suspended silhouette of a few Vegas Iconic buildings. Painting buildings on a building. This was my second mural ever done.
 Space Twenty Three gallery sits at the end of the shopping district of Melrose. I was invited out to do an event called Fame Fest... where a few of my canvas pieces temporarily reside. Along side of the gallery is an alley consumed with murals.  Which without hesitation, jumped on the opportunity.  I decided to use some soft pastel colors and textured the subject with my black line style to balance it all out.
 "Painting with cans to me is similar to sketching with a pen. I can't relate it to a brush since brush strokes feel different in movement and fluidity. But pen and cans feel like the same style of movements, more like drawing rather than painting."

     Downtown Las Vegas, there is an area known as 18b that is well known to artists. It is home to a maze of complex buildings and studios that run alive with colorful murals from local to non local wall artists expressing their style and skill. Kevin the owner of the complex says he has been allowing artists, with permission, to paint on his walls for years.  Alexander Sky from 3baadsheep and jef logan bring forth a storm to reveal a new season for this wall that faces the south side of the Arts Factory.

     "I decide to bring a chaotic storm like theme and background, contrasted with the gentle appeal from a soft neutral subject. We both decided the ground could use an uplift so we both extended our figures to stretch across the floor.  The story behind my message is this. I had a recent canvas piece called "Caught in a Brainstorm" (Somewhat similar to this mural's theme) in a gallery during a First Friday festival. Someone decided to grab the piece from the wall and walk out. Stolen. I was a little upset. But also glad I had sold an original that same day.  So instead of being bitter and resentful, I decided I would recreate the original stolen piece and do it even better. It would be funny for someone to actually rip the walls apart to this house and take it home with them. I'd sure like to see that added to their collection. lol"
- jef logan