Tuesday, January 14, 2014

 Desert Hearts Springs Festival 2015
A gathering of unique souls through 72 hours of music, creativity, expression and unity. Art took so many forms, from the beautiful and technical skill of fire dancing, one intimate stage of music that reverberated through bodies of display of individual freedom to dance to a rhythm of connected randomness, to the unique burner style apparel where tribalistic face painting and feathers and fur swam through a sea of color... to the 50 plus visual artists expressing their life journey and exploration onto a brush and canvas.  And with a twist of fate...  I was so lucky to be chosen to be able to share my art and expression to this gathering of like minded creative freedomists.  To be able to connect with other amazing established artists, and to be in such close proximity where being polite with strangers, showing love and compassion to them just feels like the right and natural way that humans should be interacting and existing with each other. "A Twist of Fate" so to call my piece was well titled for such a fitting gathering.  Until we meet on the dance floor, next to a fire pit, i'll never desert my heart for anything else than to be free to express and love.